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Haikou City Introduces “Simultaneous Issuance” for Foreign Work and Residence Permits, Attracting More International Professionals

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Hainan, China – Haikou City has introduced a new pilot program that allows expatriates to obtain both their foreign work permits and residence permits in one visit, making it the first city in the province to offer such a streamlined service. The Haikou Municipal Bureau of Foreign Experts announced that expatriates can now collect both permits at the same time at the “Foreigners’ Service Comprehensive Window” located at the Haikou Municipal Citizens and Tourists Centre.

This innovative service is the result of a collaboration between the Haikou Municipal Bureau of Foreign Experts and the Haikou Municipal Public Security Bureau’s Exit and Entry Administration Bureau, which achieved “parallel approval” and “one-stop online processing” for both permits. This means that expatriates can apply for both permits online and receive approval simultaneously, reducing the processing time from 28 working days to just 7 working days. Previously, expatriates had to collect their permits in two separate stages, first obtaining the foreign work permit and then using it to apply for the foreign residence permit.

Under the new pilot program, expatriates only need to submit their paper documents at the “Foreigners’ Work Comprehensive Service Window” after receiving a notification to collect their permits. They will then receive both their foreign work permit and residence permit on the spot, saving them time and hassle.

The new pilot program is part of Haikou’s efforts to improve its approval services for foreign nationals coming to work in China and to support the development of the Hainan Free Trade Port. In recent years, Haikou has established a joint review and inspection system for foreign work and residence permits with the Haikou Municipal Public Security Bureau’s Exit and Entry Administration Bureau. Haikou has also constructed a comprehensive foreign talent service network with multiple service stations across the city, centred around the “Haikou Municipal Foreigners’ Service Comprehensive Window.” This network includes stations in Fuxingcheng, Jiangdong New Area, Longhua District, Xiuying District, High-tech Zone, Comprehensive Bonded Zone, and Meilan District. It also features a “Haikou International Talent Home” service point, all of which aim to assist businesses in recruiting foreign talent.

The improved approval services have attracted more foreign talent to Haikou. In the first half of this year alone, Haikou added 109 new registered units for foreign talent recruitment. The Haikou Municipal Bureau of Foreign Experts approved 432 foreign work permits, marking a 21.69% year-on-year increase and involving nationals from 59 countries and regions, including Russia, the United States, and Canada.

The introduction of “simultaneous issuance” for foreign work and residence permits in Haikou reflects the city’s commitment to attracting and accommodating foreign talent, further boosting its standing as a hub for international professionals.

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