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Hainan’s 2023 Super Golden Week: A Tourism & Business Paradise

Haikou business center for SMEs

Hainan, China’s southernmost province and tropical island paradise, has been attracting more and more tourists from around the world with its stunning natural scenery, diverse cultural events, and favorable business policies.

During the 2023 Super Golden Week, which coincided with the Mid-Autumn Festival and the National Day holiday, Hainan witnessed a tourism boom that showcased its potential as a global tourism destination and business hub – especially for SMEs.

Here are some of the highlights of Hainan’s tourism performance during this eight-day double holiday.

A Tourism Surge Across Hainan

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According to Ctrip, a major tourism service website in China, Hainan’s overall sales volume for flights, hotels, and various tourism products increased by 212% compared to the previous year, with over 70% of sales coming from beyond the province. The largest sources of tourists were from Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Guangzhou, and Changsha.

Tourist hotspots like Sanya’s Tianya Haijiao Tourist Area and Hainan Provincial Museum saw record-breaking numbers of visitors during the holiday period. Sanya’s iconic tourist area welcomed a total of 103,000 tourists, achieving a five-year record. The Hainan Provincial Museum in Haikou set a new daily visitor record, attracting more than 13,000 visitors on October 1 alone. Danzhou’s Ocean Flower Island Tourist Resort and Wenchang’s Tongguling Scenic Area also drew a significant number of visitors, showcasing Hainan’s rich tourism appeal across the island.

Hospitality Sector Flourishes

Not only did tourist attractions experience an influx of visitors, but the hospitality sector also thrived thanks to a large number of SMEs. The “2023 Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day Holiday Tourism Report” by Fliggy highlighted a substantial increase in hotel and guesthouse bookings. Haikou saw a nearly 50% increase in bookings for 4-and-5-star hotels compared to 2019, and B&B bookings surged by over 61%. In Sanya, guesthouse bookings increased by an impressive 118% compared to the same period in 2019 (pre-Covid).

An Island of Diverse Events and Attractions

Apart from its natural beauty, Hainan held a myriad of events and attractions that captivated both residents and tourists. The 14th Tour of Hainan Island International Road Cycling Race, the newly opened Hainan Tanka Museum in Lingshui, and ethnic fashion shows in Wuzhishan City were just a few of the diverse cultural experiences that enriched the holiday period.

Hainan also hosted several festivals that celebrated its local culture and cuisine, such as the Coconut Festival in Wenchang, the Coffee Festival in Qionghai, and the Seafood Festival in Sanya.

Duty-Free Shopping Mania

During the 2023 Super Golden Week, Hainan witnessed a substantial surge in duty-free shopping. Haikou Customs reported island departure duty-free sales totaling a remarkable 1.18 billion yuan (approximately $161 million), reflecting a year-on-year increase of 98.6% in sales and 126% in visits.

Hainan’s tourism economy set ablaze during the 2023 Super Golden Week, proving yet again why it’s a premier destination for travelers from around the world.

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